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Asset Tagging Solutions

Prosperity Agencies have a long track record of partnering closely with businesses that value their assets to ensure that even the most demanding asset register management needs are met today, tomorrow and in future using using RFID and Bar code solutions including.

  • On-site asset identification,verification and reconciliation of fixed asset register records
  • RFID and Barcode asset tagging
  • Data capture and collection
  • Asset management project planning and implementation
We undertake creation ,verification,reconciliation and tagging of  fixed asset on the register to:
  • Ensure compliance with Accounting standards on property, plant and Equipment.
  • Fairly present the state of affairs of fixed assets
  • Deter theft and swapping of assets.
  • Stamp a seal of ownership on your assets
  • Brand your fixed assets and improve your brand awareness.
Asset tagging can save time,money and deter theft of valuable assets. Prosperity Agencies uses a variety of sizes and custom options of asset tags; add your own wording or company name, logo to help identify, track and safeguard your valuables.